Product Quality

Uncompromising Product Quality & Commitment

Nature’s Sunshine produces only the highest quality natural supplements. We can guarantee this because our quality experts put our raw materials through up to 600 tests to ensure purity, safety and potency. Purity testing is vital, and our experts make sure that we obtain only the correct ingredients that offer the most health benefits. Nature’s Sunshine’s expert team of Nutritionists, Biologists, Pharmacists and Herbalists test every batch of raw material, guaranteeing 100% purity.

NSP Products are Pure and Safe

Nature’s Sunshine has built its reputation on purity, quality and efficacy. NSP tests for foreign materials and for micro-contamination, such as salmonella and E.coli, yeast and mould as well as heavy metal contamination, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and PCB’s.

Testing is the Only Guarantee

Organic growers strive to offer crops free of chemical additives. But even organic material requires extensive testing. An organic label isn’t a guarantee of safety, an NSP label, backed by extensive testing is.

What Didn’t Make the Grade?

Currently NSP rejects about two percent of raw material every year. Nature’s Sunshine’s Quality Experts have endeavoured to reduce that number over the years by seeking out the world’s highest quality suppliers and developing strong partnerships with them.

Nature’s Sunshine has earned an enviable reputation worldwide because it simply won’t compromise on quality.