Natural Detox Cleansing Products

Detox Cleansing Products

Attribution: Gila Brand

With healthy living on the rise, it isn’t any wonder that so many health enthusiasts are turning to a more robust form of getting healthy using detox products. Experts suggest using natural detox cleansing products to help improve sleep quality and boost energy.

Body Wrap Detox Cleansing Products

Detoxifying body wraps encourage the body to sweat, drawing out toxins through the skin’s epidermis. Wraps and masks using products like clay draw the toxins out while the heat added to the wrap makes the body sweat, which intensifies the detox experience.

Detoxifying experts agree that the results are temporary but completely worth it, especially with detox exfoliators. They suggest using an exfoliant made with fruit enzymes and to avoid using glycols.

Detox Cleansing Products for the Colon

Many people swear by the effects of detox cleansing products that cleanse the colon, saying when the colon is finally freed of built up matter that can impede the colon’s function, the body is freed of toxins that can cause heart disease, obesity, and high cholesterol. There are a variety of colon cleanses, including but not limited to:

  • Oxygen cleansing: uses an irrigation technique to dissolve fecal material. May cause diarrhea or loose stool

  • Colonics: Delivered by a medical professional, it is basically a deep enema. This type can require several treatments

  • Clay cleansing: Clays such as bentonite are ingested and draw the toxins out of the body and removes them as they exit the body

Internal Cleansing Products

Natural detox cleansing products for the entire body are usually ingested in the form of liquids or supplements. These products are usually comprised of various herbs that lead to the desired cleansing or detox experience. They can also alleviate stomach bloating, decrease water retention, and keeps the digestive system regular.

Juice cleanses are also rising in popularity, claiming the ability to jump start the user’s metabolism, making them beneficial to those beginning an exercise or diet routine. These juices, when purchased at health food stores, are generally high in fiber, offering a whopping 10g of fiber per serving to aid in digestive health and curbing hunger pangs. These juice cleanses also help rid the body of toxins that have built up during the consumption of prepackaged foods or due to environmental factors.

Detox cleansing products are beneficial to people who want to restart or reinvigorate their healthy living lifestyle or if they want a boost of health during their regular healthy lifestyle. It’s important to fully research each type of cleansing product and consult with a professional before beginning any detox program but finding a well-researched and balanced program is sure to improve energy and overall health.