Natural Chinese Healing Herbs and Solutions

Chinese Healing Herbs

There are many natural Chinese Healing Herbal Solutions available today. With the vast marketplace the Internet provides, you may have access to countless vendors who offer Chinese Herbal medicine. If you want herbs, there are sites where you can conduct research for names, properties and the Chinese name for the herb. In fact, you will find that many of the herbs used for Chinese Herbal Remedies are actually indigenous to the U.S. In other words, if you worry about buying herbs through online markets or if you cannot find an Herb Shop near you, then there are still options to grow certain herbs at home. The benefits of using Chinese Herbal Solutions are tremendous.

One point that scholarly studies make is that herbs often play a role in alleviating many normal health issues that people otherwise just suffer through. Since the object of Chinese healing herbs is to go to the main cause of the issue and not just treat symptoms, it is thought to be more effective with longer lasting results.


Chinese Healing Herbs


Common Colds and Flu

Honeysuckle and Forsythia are two of the common herbs used to help dispel germs that cause flu or colds. When you eat a variety of raw fruits and vegetables, adding these herbs, you detoxify your body, ease headaches, calm chills, soothe the throat and build up the immune system to further help fight the pathogens attacking the body.

Immune System

There are many Immune System disorders prevalent today. From Lupus to HIV, there are many problems that result in a person not being able to digest food properly. As a result, nutrients and energy are lost. To help with this support of the immune system, herbalists may encourage a person to consume Astragalus, Ginseng and medicinal mushrooms.

There are many choices for healthy herbs that improve the immune system. Allergies, as a general rule, are a sign that the immune system is weak. By restoring the flow of the body’s energy, it is believed that Chinese medicine treats and brings an end to seasonal allergy attacks. Stuffiness and headaches fade away with certain herbs.


In China, this is a disease that is known to make people waste away and have an incredible thirst. For more than 100 years, Chinese Herbalists have used the same herbal treatment to restore the pancreas to its former state and build up insulin.


High blood pressure kills individuals silently. With it, the risk for heart or kidney problems rise and the individual easily might suffer a stroke. Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, and Bilberry Leaf both calm the person and lower the blood pressure and offering the added benefit of lowering glucose levels in the blood.

Behavioral Disorders

An interesting thought is that traditional Chinese medicine believes that a person’s ability to make sound judgments relates strongly to how the liver and gallbladder are functioning. If there is any disruption, then the person will suffer depression, aggression, frustration or other issues. In order to help restore proper functioning of these organs, the traditional Chinese remedies involve detoxifying the liver. Natural ingredients to help with the cleansing include sea vegetables, spirulina, chlorella and cereal grass.


Natural Chinese healing herbs offers many solutions for today’s common medical issues. Herbs provide a natural way to heal problems with organs, your blood and other unhealthy conditions you may have. Differing from Western Pharmaceuticals, herbs offer solutions to problems, including the added benefit of boosting the immune system, rather than just giving a quick temporary fix to a list of symptoms. In addition, herbs offer a great way to prevent illnesses without over-inundating the body with unnecessary medicine. With research, consultation with trusted Chinese Herbalists, and/or purchase of appropriate bulk herbs or herbal supplements, you may have all the supplies you need to ensure a highre quality, more healthy lifestyle for you and your family.