Nature’s Sunshine Membership

You can become a Nature’s Sunshine Preferred Member with any $40 purchase! Why would you want to do this? Members receive the lowest possible prices on Nature’s Sunshine products! There are no fees or requirements to becoming a preferred member past an initial $40 order. You never have to sell anything! Also, unlike to some competing companies, you can order $40 of any Nature’s Sunshine products, not a starter kit of materials and product samples you won’t use. So if you order regularly, just add the membership to any $40 order!

Nature’s Sunshine has a complete line of natural products that you can use as a primary part of a healthy wellness program. Take advantage of advance notice on sales and the fastest possible shipping!

Signing up for a Natures Sunshine is easy! All you have to is to place an order of $40 or more and you will qualify for a “Free Preferred Membership!” All you need to do is fill out the form below to request the free preferred membership or when you call you can request a free preferred membership.


Become a Member

Membership Benefits:

  1. Wholesale buying prices all the time.
  2. Ability to order directly from NSP without going through a distributor.
  3. Receive rebates when you order more than 100QV in a given month.
  4. Receive regular NSP publications spotlighting their high-quality supplements.
  5. Become eligible to attend NSP-sponsored educational seminars