Healthy Living

Create A Habit of Healthy Living

Fast-paced lifestyles and modern food-processing techniques have left us overfed but under-nourished. In fact, most people’s diets lack seven different categories of nutrients:


1. Vitamins and Minerals — must be obtained from food and/or supplements.

2. Antioxidant’s — protect cells from damage caused by sunlight, enviro-toxins, etc.

3. Essential Fatty Acids — “good fats” that support heart health and brain function

4. Probiotics — friendly bacteria that strengthen intestinal and immune health.

5. Enzymes — break down foods for increased digestion and improved nutrient absorption.

6. Fiber — absorbs water and toxins; helps eliminate waste; promotes colon health.

7. Quality Protein — supports healthy metabolism and nourishes muscles.

At Nature’s Sunshine Today, we are committed to promoting health and vitality around the world. In addition to providing life-changing products that deliver essential nutrients, we’d like to share our insights into how to live healthy. In this Healthy Living section you can find tips on how to improve your health for an active, healthful future.


Whether you are firmly grounded in a lifestyle of healthy living or just beginning to build that essential foundation, this is the perfect place to stay up-to-date on the importance of staying healthy. Better understanding how to effectively improve your body’s health and then acting on that knowledge is key to establishing a long life of optimized health.

Modifying your life to accommodate for true healthy living can transform the way you feel. The intertwining systems of the body, from the immune system to the digestive system, heavily affect the health of one another. Being aware of and then actively supporting each aspect of your health will help you feel better on many levels—while laying the foundation for a healthy future.

What you put in your body is crucial to healthy living. The vitamins and minerals that you do or don’t consume determine how effectively your body’s systems can function. Even with a healthy diet plan and successful weight management, your body may be lacking the essential nutrients it needs to maintain optimal health.

In addition, the way your body interacts with its environment can have a similar affect on your health. Many don’t realize that their homes, offices and schools are bombarded with harsh cleaning chemicals that keep the body from optimal health. Wisely choosing all-natural cleaning products contributes to not only your health but also the health of those around you.

Learn more about the importance of healthy living. With even a small modification in nutrition and exercise, you will begin to feel the difference.

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