Dragon Herbs: Online Buying Guide

Dragon Herbs

You are here because you want to encourage your body toward gaining better health. Dragon Herbs have been helping people do just that for many years with superior quality Chinese herbal concoctions, which can improve bodily functions and can help you resist disease.

You will achieve a well being that surpasses your expectations with encapsulated herbs, herbal teas, tonics, and elixirs that were passed down from generations of Chinese herbalists.

Discover Dragon Herbs

Oriental herbal healthcare is managed on three different levels. Dragon Herbs applies “Tonic Herbalism,” which is grounded in 5,000 years of knowledge that promotes physical health, protects overall well being, and transforms people to a level that includes mental and spiritual strength.

  • Inferior Herbs: The first level is with regard to palliative or soothing care and treats specific conditions.
  • General Herbs: The second level is geared to prevent certain conditions from occurring.
  • Superior Herbs or Tonic Herbs: This highest level of care is meant to promote overall wellness so the body regulates all of its systems to function independently but together in perfect harmony.

The 3 primary energies or “treasures” of life are Jing, Qi and Shen. If you compare life to a candle, then Jing is the body, the life force, and the power. Qi is like the flame or the energy acquired to live, and Shen is our light, our spirit, and our wisdom. Each energy can be maximized when they are in balance, so there are herbal tonics for all three life energies.

Use Dragon Herbs

If you are new to herbalism, you may want to start by exploring different herbs and tonics. There is a wealth of information on individual and tonic herbs, or maybe you are familiar with the use of some herbs already and you want to try what you know.

Start with a Jing preparation that fits a specific need you have in mind for your physical body. Next, choose a Qi tonic to enhance your immune system or your mind and body energy, and add a Shen tonic to enrich your mental clarity. These tonic herbs are gentle, natural elements designed to provide a high quality of life through mental and physical health. Tonics regulate and balance the body’s systems.

Dragon herbs offer many preparations with more than 350 herbal products. There are wonderful products that can be beneficial to anyone who uses them such as delectable Heaven Mountain Goji Berries or tasty Spring Dragon Longevity Tea.

A tonic herb qualification requires that an herb be acknowledged as superior over centuries of use and that the tonic herb is capable of providing users with a “Radiant Life.”

Additional criteria for tonic herb status include:

  • Anti-aging characteristics and the ability to aid in attaining a long life
  • Broad health-promoting actions that result in an overall healthy life
  • Balance energies to improve the spiritual and emotional wellbeing
  • Safe for long-term use to yield enduring benefit without side effects
  • Taste good and be easily consumed and digested by humans
  • Contain an abundance of at least one of the three treasures: Jing, Qi and Shen. Some tonic herbs contain one treasure, while others offer two or even all three.

Dragon herbs or Chinese tonic herbs are a gift from the earth. They have the ability to make significant contributions to the health and wellbeing of anyone who consumes them.